NOVEMBER 7 TO 9, 2023


Giuseppe Ambrosi

EDA President

Dear colleagues and friends,

Welcome to (y)our EDA European Dairy Platform and EDA Annual Convention 2023.

Together with the Belgian dairy industry association BCZ-CBL, EDA and ASSIFONTE, we are all delighted to come together in Brussels to exchange, to debate and to work on the future of our European lactosphère.

Brussels as convention location is chosen on purpose: in this pivotal time for Europe and our Union, the capital of Europe is of vital importance not only at geopolitical level, but for the future our societies, our economies and hence of our dairy sector.  We as EDA represent more than 90% of all milk volumes processed in the Union.

Milk and dairy with its unique and unrivalled blend of macro- and micronutrients is of vital importance for a healthy diet at all life stages.  And we stand for outstanding culinary treasures and a rich cultural heritage.

Milk & dairy is a key element in rural Europe and we are an economic power within our Union and at world level. Our sustainable production and processing standards are the global benchmark.

That’s why the headline of our 2023 Annual Convention is  “The Future is Dairy”.

The Dairy Superpower Europe has been built over the last decades by the commitment to excellence and by the ambition of the dairy people across Europe. And Europe has given us a solid basis here with the European Single Market, the Common Agricultural Policy and its robust EU trade agenda.

If we want Europe to be the world dairy leader in the future, we have to shape the European framework right: the EU Green Deal ambition to become the first climate neutral continent by 2050 is part of our EU dairy strategy within all dairies across the Union – whatever size. Environmental stewardship and climate change was on our agenda long before the European Union published itsGreen Deal.

The European legislative term comes to an end, and we, the dairy people, we will take the opportunity of our Annual Convention to look ahead: with a panel of captains of our industry, with a panel of Members of the European Parliament and with a panel of world leaders in sustainable dairy, we have a program that showcases: The Future is Dairy!

Dear friends, we invite you to fully live the BCZ-CBL/ EDA / ASSIFONTE European Dairy Platform in Brussels, to enjoy the outstanding program of the conference and to make most out of this unique opportunity to meet and exchange with dairy leaders and dairy experts from theEuropean and global ‘lactosphère’ and to be part of our European dairy future.

Welkom in Brussels, Bienvenu à Bruxelles, welcome to Brussels.

Catherine Pycke

President BCZ-CBL

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is with great pleasure that the Federation of the Belgian Dairy Industry (BCZ-CBL) is hosting the European Dairy Association (EDA) 2023 Annual Convention. We are looking forward to welcoming you all from the 7th to the 9th of November in Brussels, the heart of Europe.

The upcoming Belgian presidency of the European Council in the first half of 2024, and the imminent end of term of the current European Commission will generate a unique political momentum in November in Brussels. Together with dairy leaders, experts and the members of the European Parliament, we will seize this momentum in order to crack and discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of our sector.

The EDA Annual Convention 2023 will take place at The Hotel in the upscale Louise district of Brussels. The Hotel is easily accessible by public transport and is only 25 minutes by car from the airport. The welcome reception on the 7th of November will be organised on the top floor of The Hotel, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a unique view over our capital.

The Federation of the Belgian Dairy Industry wishes you a productive and inspiring stay in Brussels.

Dieter Kuijl

President Assifonte

Dear colleagues,

What a pleasure to welcome all of you – for the very first time – in Belgium at our joint BCZ-CBL/ EDA / Assifonte Annual Convention!

ASSIFONTE, the European association of the processed cheese industry, is proud to be a partner of the European Dairy Platform in Brussels.

Since the invention of processed cheese exactly 110 years ago, this cheese category was instrumental in developing our markets, both in Europe and beyond our borders– and the motto line ‘the future is dairy’ is for sure also true for the processed cheese category.

As processed cheese manufacturers, we are part of the EU dairy industry and we are in many ways leading the industry. Taste and convenience for cheese aficionados and functionality and innovative, smart solutions for our business customers, are our DNA.

It is true, we are specific part of the European dairy sector, hence we have specific ‘technical’ topics on our agenda, but we are a fully integrated part of European dairy when it comes to the overall landscape we’re all operating in– and this landscape is shaped by the European Union.

That’s why we are proud to partner with all of you, both at business level and at ‘political’ level.

I am looking forward to meeting you during the 2023 edition of our Annual Convention in Brussels,